Strautmann Dump trailer SMK

High quality and extensive equipment characterize our dump truck.

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  • Strong arguments & intelligent details - The Strautmann dump trailer SMK SMK 1602 - 2402 

    The right vehicle for safe and efficient transport.

    • Have been designed for demanding and intensive use

    • Generous volumes can be further increased by attachments (17,2 - 39,7 m³)

    • Best for silage or other bulk materials

    High quality and extensive equipment characterize our dump truck.



    • Solid chassis for safe driving characteristics
    • Long service life
    • High stability with the wagon tilted

  • Dimensions
    Length (m)6,637,138,21
    Platform height (m)1,341,401,55
    Gross vehicle weight rating
    ModelSMK 1602SMK 2002SMK 2102
    Gross vehicle weight rating (kg)16.00020.00020.000
    Payload (kg)ca. 11.000ca. 14.400ca. 13.500
    Inside dimensions of superstructure
    Platform length, inside (m)5,005,506,25
    Platform width, inside (m)2,28 - 2,322,28 - 2,322,28 - 2,32
    Side panel height (m)1,501,501,50
    Loading capacity
    Loading capacity (mu00b3)17,219,021,6
    with 600 mm extension (mu00b3)24,726,630,2
    with 800 mm extension (mu00b3)-29,133,1
    Additional data
    Lifting power of 1st cylinder stage at 180 bar (kg)36.20027.00033.500
    Tilting angle to the rear approx.51u00b051u00b051u00b0
    Oil requirement to the rear approx. (l)30,820,831,1
    Tyres560/60 R 22,5560/60 R 22,5710/50 R 26,5

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