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Strautmann PS-SPREADER

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Our PS spreaders have been designed to meet high demands and heavy-duty use – for ultimate professionals!

Machinery Features

  • PS 2401 & PS 3401
  • Gross vehicle weight rating 24 and 34 t
  • 2-disc universal spreading unit with optimum lateral distribution
  • Spreading width of up to 24 m
  • 1.65 m Spreading unit clearance for high performance

    Spreading unit

    • Universal spreading unit
    • Spreading width of up to 24 m
    • Accurate lateral distribution
    • Exact spreading pattern
    • Maximum throughput rate


    Spreader trough

  • All-steel trough with platform of 2.20 m in width
  • Easy charging even with large charging equipment
  • Increased volume due to 500 mm attachment
  • PS 2401: 23.0 m³ to 28.0 m³
  • PS 3401: 2803 m³ to 34.3 m³

    Transport floor

  • 16 mm strong round steel chains with a breaking load of 28 t each
  • Clean motion without any problems even in case of sticky spreading materials due to roof profile on every third transport floor strip
  • Drive via hydraulic motor


  • PS 2401: Hydraulic tandem chassis with optional lift axle & suspension. Follow-up steering or
    electronic-hydraulic forced steering axle
  • PS 3401: Hydraulic tridem chassis with lift axle and electronic-hydraulic forced steering axle




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