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The all-new SAM computer control system is based on industry proven technology and decades of international experience.
The Topcon Athene offers fast, accurate response in a user-friendly control and monitoring system. It gives precise control for spreading all types of fertiliser, manure and animal waste. This technology means the correct application rate is applied regardless of changes in forward speed or changes in product density.

This technology is simple and intuitive. The system is ISOBUS so it can function with any compliant tractor console. Or we can provide a separate, generous, 8 1/2" colour touch screen display. By adding the load cell module, the fully integrated system will also allow dynamic rate control. This uses the weight of product to constantly check spread rate accuracy.

Your options for set-up:

A) Topcon control including a display screen and GPS aerial but no load cells

This system can be used as a rate controller. Either by entering a known product density or selecting the product from a pre-defined list. Spreader functions like spinner speed and border control are all monitored and operated through the touch screen. This is volumetric rate control only.

All machines are made load cell ready should you wish to upgrade.

B) Topcon control using tractors own display screen (ISOBUS) with load cells

This measures the weight of product in the spreader, the floor speed is then automatically adjusted to achieve the correct application rates. This advanced control means extra precision. You are getting automatic rate calibration. Advanced mapping proof of placement is dependent on the brand of display in your tractor. This set-up operates with both dynamic and static rate control.

C) Topcon control including a display screen, GPS aerial and load cells

We include a separate generous, 8.5” colour touch screen display and a GPS aerial for proof of placement, light bar and field mapping of your jobs. Record all details for improved traceability and record keeping. This set-up operates with both dynamic and static rate control. This is ISOBUS ready.

80 - 90 l/min of oil flow from your tractor is preferred. An inline oil filter is also recommended on all Spreaders with Topcon.

Optional extras :
GPS aerial for proof of placement
X25 Touch screen
Load weigh scales
Inline oil filter

Specifications :
Interface : ISOBUS
Brand : Topcon
ICU : Athene
Screen size : 8 1/2"



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