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Tough and versatile.
With the same practical design and easy to use operation that all SAM’s are known for, the SAM Combo Spreaders (800 Series) provide extra versatility around what you are able to spread.

They are capable of spreading chemical fertiliser including; superphosphate, urea and lime. But will also spread most organic product like chicken and pig manure, screw-pressed effluent and sand.

Available with capacities of 4, 5, 6 and 8 tonne. All come standard with an 800mm floor belt and are generally tandem axle.

Keep it simple with a standard hydraulic clutch to ground drive, or upgrade to the latest smart, accurate computer control system with weigh scales.

Optional extras :
Roll-top cover
Standard cover
Internal mesh
Remote axle greasing
Tyre upgrade
Load weigh scales
Topcon control
LED Lights & flags
Material agitator

Specifications :
Axle type : Tandem-axle 70mm
Axle capacity : 12,000kg
Wheel type : 400/60 x 15.5 14-ply
Jack type : 70mm screw jack
Overall length : 4.9m
Overall width : 2.75m
Overall height : 2.2m
Bin width : 2.1m
Bin length : 2.9m
Capacity : 5m3
Superphosphate : 6T
Lime : 8T
Urea : 4T



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