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Giga Vitesse - focus on performance

The product segment of the high-performance silage wagons is facing increasing demands with regard to higher efficiency and is also in competition with forage harvesting. On the other hand, low drag resistance and low power requirement are called for when using professional forage wagons.

The Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS (Continuous Flow System) with its high-performance conveying and unique cutting units, together with a solid body and a variety of chassis types for most different conditions, is providing an almost unrivalled product for contractors and large businesses. This forage wagon is setting standards with regard to optimum charging, low power requirement and cost effectiveness.

Machinery Features

  • Loading capacity by volume from 30 – 42 m3
  • Continuous Flow Pick-up System
  • Multi-Purpose
  • 45 double sided knives
  • Power required from 107/132 kW
  • ISOBUS Hydraulic Systems
  • Steering axle is standard
Models available: 3201, 3601, 4001, 4401

CFS pick-up

CFS Pick-ups are fitted with a single piece tube where the tines are fitted.
Advantages include:
  • 1 moving piece
  • Only 2 bearings
  • Smoothness & spread

Boogie tandem assembly

  • Steering Axle, 22 Inch tyres standard
  • Forced steering available.

ISOBUS control

The ISOBUS control offers drivers easy operation without a long familiarisation period. Furthermore, this type of control already integrates some monitoring options via the sensor system. Of course, the ISO suitability also creates the option of operation via existing terminals on the premises or on the tractor. Thus, interesting advantages of the valuable control terminals can be transferred to the machine use.


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