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Polaris General XP 1000 Sport EPS


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The Ultimate Getaway Vehicle

$34,570.00 (finance at 6.99%)

When you aim to get far away from the crowd, you need a machine that can keep up with your ambition and elevate every off-road experience. With a 64” stance, 30” Pro Armor tyres, all-new Polaris HD PLUS 4,500 lb winch, high clearance A-arms and Walker Evans Velocity shocks, XP is the very best adventure side-by-side off-road has to offer.


The GENERAL XP 1000 Sport is the most capable crossover SxS. With tilt steering, 64" stance and an upgrade to high clearance A-arms, 30" tyres, Walker Evans shocks, front bumper and a 4,500 lb HD Plus winch, it will elevate your experience and take you to adventures that break new ground.

  • Poly Sport Roof
  • Low-Profile Sport Bumper
  • Polaris HD Plus 4500 lb. Winch
  • 272.16kg dumping cargo box
  • 35.56cm suspension travel
  • High Clearance A-Arms
  • 30" Pro Armor Crawler XG Tyres
  • True On-Demand AWD with Versatrac turf mode
  • Premium half doors

Performance Where It Matters

Going further, faster. Getting away from it all. That’s the point of adventuring off-road. With XP’s ultra-responsive 100 horsepower engine, 35.56cm of suspension travel and 34.29cm of ground clearance, you‘ll be set-up to get the most out of every moment.

Versatility For Every Adventure

Adventure is all about being ready for whatever the trail puts in your path. That means having a machine prepared so you can get out and stay out. With its 272.16kg dumping cargo box, 499kg payload capacity and ability to tow 680.4kg, GENERAL XP 1000 is all good so you can just go.

Long-Haul Comfort

When you’re in the middle of a ride, you don’t want to be distracted by the rough trail. That’s why GENERAL offers best-in-class comfort for even the longest in-seat experiences. Rocks and ruts are absorbed by class-leading sport-tuned suspension, paired with the bolstered bucket seats and half-doors, you’ll be able to explore in comfort and ready for what is next.



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