The ELECTRIC mini-loader, G2200E X-TRA, has a lifting capacity of 2,200 kg, a lifting height of 2.45 meters and was especially developed for heavy work in construction and earth moving. The electric wheel loader combines the best of both worlds with the advantages of an articulated loader and silent operation without emissions. The G2200E X-TRA is therefore ideal for working inside buildings or on construction sites in urban areas.

The G2200E X-TRA is standard equipped with a 260 Ah, 48 V lithium-ion battery that can easily be charged with the "on board" charger (390 Ah or 520 Ah are optional). The individual electric motors, 6.5 kW for the drive and 12 kW for the working hydraulics, always ensure sufficient power for precise work. Furthermore, the machine regenerates energy when the machine rolls out or drives down hill.


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GIANT 2200E X-TRA (Electric)
GIANT 2200E X-TRA (Electric)