SAM Fertiliser Spreaders are capable of spreading all chemical fertiliser. Including; superphosphate, urea and lime between 40kg - 2500kg/hectare. With spreading widths of up to 20m (superphosphate).

They are available in single or tandem axle with capacities of 4, 5, 6 and 8 tonne. All come standard with a 400mm wide floor-belt.

Keep it simple with a hydraulic clutch to standard ground drive, or upgrade to the latest smart, accurate computer control system with weigh scales.

Optional extras :
Roll-top cover
Standard cover
Internal mesh
Swivel coupling
Tyre upgrade
Load weigh scales
Topcon control
LED Lights & flags

Specifications :
Axle type 70mm stub on 400 x 15.5 or 80mm stub on 550 x 22.5
Axle capacity 6,000kg or 8,000kg
Wheel type 400/60 x 15.5 or 550/60 x 22.5
Jack type 70mm screw jack
Length 4.7m
Width 2.4m or 2.6m
Height 1.9m or 2m
Bin width 2.15m
Bin length 4.7m
Capacity 3.2m3
Superphosphate 4T
Lime 5.5T
Urea 2.6T



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